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Designing the interior of a home or a commercial setting is not a new concept. People have been decorating their houses and workplaces in an attractive and amazing manner for a long time, both to attract others and to feel happy and comfortable. But the best way to give your space a vintage touch is by using a carpet.

Whether you are a home decor lover or looking for great functionality in your space carpets can instantly add to the overall look of your interior.  If you want to decorate your home properly, you need to cover a variety of areas and it gets a little overwhelming to decide what to do for a particular area.

But not to worry as Dubai Carpet Shop has come to your rescue with its ultimate collection of carpets and rugs that are best suited for every place and different areas of your home. If you are not into heavy decorative items then our carpets could be your best choice to make people stop and stare at your interiors!

Choose from a variety of products as per your liking!

If you are not a carpet person we also have rugs and cowhides. People often confuse carpets and rugs but they are totally different. The main difference between a carpet and a rug is that carpets are stretched from wall to wall and attached to the floor. A rug, however, is usually smaller in size than the room and is not attached to the floor.

Let’s have a look at our products and what variety we offer our customers to choose from: 

  • Wall-to-wall carpet:  Fitted carpets that cover the floors completely and are often referred to as wall-to-wall carpets. 
  • Office carpet tiles:  In commercial and business buildings, office carpet tiles make the floor smooth and warm. And adds a modern touch to the workplace.
  • Sisal carpet: Sisal is the name given to a renewable resource known as agave sisalana, which is used to make carpets. Carpets and rugs are made from the fibers of sisal that support the leaves of this plant. 
  • Hand-tufted carpet:  A hand-tufted rug is made using hand labor and machine tools. Wool is the material used in this rug type.


Wall to Wall Carpet
  • Masque carpet:  Carpets in mosques indicate where worshippers should stand when praying. They assist in keeping things neat and organized. 
  • Exhibition carpet: A carpet for an exhibition is a movable carpet that can be used for almost any type of event. Your exhibition area can be branded in every aspect with carpet flooring specifically designed for exhibitions and job fairs.
  • Customized rugs: Adding a distinctive pattern to your living room or dining room is a great way to bring personality to these rooms. As well as completing the overall style of any room, custom rugs allow you to express your creativity and personality.
  • Persian rugs: Aficionados of antiques have long admired the exquisite beauty and exceptional craftsmanship of our hand-woven Persian rugs.
  • Shaggy rugs: Almost everyone is familiar with shaggy rugs. In terms of appearance, these rugs are unique. The pile height of these carpets is often over one inch. 
  • Area rugs: Area rugs are often placed on top of hardwood, laminate, or tile floors. A room’s elements become more cohesive when an area rug is present. 
  • Cowhides: There has never been a better option than cowhide rugs. As a result, homeowners prefer them over other textures and patterns because they are more cozy and appealing.

Lastly, If you want to give your space a dream makeover get in touch with us now! Whether you are searching for carpets that make your home look luxurious or a rug that comes within your budget we have something for everyone.

Wall to Wall Carpets

Our artisans and craftsmen work with top-class techniques and precision to offer you the carpet of your dreams. We at Dubai Carpet Shop give our customers once in a lifetime experience with our services and assistance to make sure the carpets they buy do all the talking!


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