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Any room can be easily transformed with a rug. Rugs not only alter the appearance and feel of a space but also provide several useful features like noise reduction and home heating. Homes no longer come with carpeting, so many people who move into a new house consider buying rugs for their flooring. It’s simple to assume that choosing whether to get one or two rugs for your home is only an issue of décor. Few items in the world of home décor are as adaptable as rugs. It’s a true multi-tasker that can simultaneously accentuate the style and cover flaws. Dubai Carpets Shop offers a wide selection of rugs to transform your home decor! 

Different Types of Rugs That We Offer:

Hand Tufted Rugs
  • Area Rugs: An area rug alters the main point of a space, adds a visual boundary, and creates a cozier, more inviting atmosphere. Our Area Rugs give a space a finished, finished appearance.
  • Sisal Rugs: Natural sisal rugs, renowned for their toughness, perform admirably in busy spaces and are less likely to become dirty or spill.
  • Shaggy Rugs: Because of their dense pile and tight manufacture, these rugs are frequently highly durable. They are perfect for high-traffic locations because they can withstand the impact of walking. For this reason, shaggy rugs are suggested for offices.
  • Handmade Rugs: Your family’s health won’t be harmed by handmade carpets because they don’t include any chemicals or synthetic fibers; they are created entirely from natural materials.
  • Customized Rugs: A customized rug or carpet may be manufactured to fit any room, no matter how big or tiny, how long or short the corridor, or how broad or narrow the area. It’s challenging to find a rug that exactly matches a room with an irregular shape, and a typical rug will look out of place and may even spoil the décor’s look and feel. Therefore, it is advisable to have a rug made to order.

We also have Patchwork Rugs, Persian Rugs, Hand Tufted Rugs, and Cowhides in store for you! 

Benefits of Purchasing Our Rugs 

Rugs may instantly create a plush, comfortable surface for bare feet. Rugs have a variety of effects on a space. They can divide a space into distinct zones, provide a theme, be moved around or taken out entirely, and be switched out for other rugs at any time.

You may do whatever you want with them, and it’s convenient to be able to switch up your flooring design at any time by simply laying out a new rug. Make the color palette in a room based on your favorite rug. On the other hand, if you add the rug after your furniture is already in place, you can utilize it to highlight or coordinate the colors in your room.

Why Choose Us? 

Since we opened our doors, we have carved out a challenging but exciting niche for ourselves by providing only the finest in genuine, museum-quality antique carpets together with first-class service.

We specialize in items with the most moving artistic quality and the best fit with various decors used today. Our goal has always been to give our customers the kind of rugs that would spectacularly transform their homes and give them a daily sense of fulfillment. These wise purchases in fine art frequently end up as treasured family heirlooms.

Area Rugs