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In the realm of handcrafted carpets, hand-tufted carpets are indeed cutting-edge, lavish, and creative. Wool is the material utilized, and it is partially created with both manual and mechanical techniques.

What is a hand-tufted carpet? 

 Hand labor and machine tools are used to make a hand-tufted rug. This type of rug is made from wool. The construction of a hand-tufted rug and a hand-knotted rug varies significantly. A hand-tufted rug is made by punching wool strands into a cloth that is stretched over a frame using a piece of hand-operated equipment. This procedure doesn’t take as long and doesn’t require as much ability as hand-knotting does. The carpet is taken off the structure and piled with yarn. A foundation of some kind will be included in a hand-tufted carpet to keep the spikes in position. A transparent fabric is frequently attached to the end. A tassel is applied to the carpet by either stitching or gluing it on.

Hand Tufted Carpets

Learn About the Making of Hand-Tufted Carpets

Whereas an automated instrument or tufted gun is used to create a hand-tufted carpet. With the aid of tools that are pre-stretched around a frame, woolen filaments are drilled into a sheet. The carpet is then given a pile and taken out of the frame, protecting it from normal wear and tear. These wool carpets have lovely patterns and hues. Additionally, because it takes less time and labor to complete, the pricing range is considerably more reasonable.

Why go for hand tufted carpet 

Carries a variety of patterns – In addition to colors and shapes, they are also produced in a variety of patterns. You’ll be surprised to learn that a hand-knotted carpet can also be replicated on a carpet. Hand-tufted carpets can have contemporaneous, historical, and sophisticated designs.

Longevity: Hand Tufted Carpets are made in a way that guarantees they will last for many generations. As a result, they help to enhance the attractiveness of your floors and speak to a long-lasting asset. 

No limit Designers alternatives: Most people tend to forget that decorating your floor is an important aspect of house decor. It affects the overall aesthetics of the room and serves as the cornerstone of interior décor. Consequently, hand-tufted carpets come in a variety of design alternatives.

Rapid Manufacturing: Mechanisation tools that take less time and labor are used to make them. Any carpet or rug, no matter how big or little can be made in a shorter amount of time. As a result, you can get this right away to decorate your floor.

Why choose us?

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Hand Tufted Carpets