Purchase The Best Shaggy Rugs From Dubai Carpets Shop 

While trends are constantly changing, a classic look never goes out of style. Perhaps this explains why shaggy carpets from the classic 1970s and 1980s are once again popular. Different kinds of shag rugs are being used to decorate homes by modern interior designers. These rugs have the capacity to produce both an opulent and an aged, rustic appearance. Dubai Charpets Shop has the best shaggy rugs in store for you! 

What are Shaggy Rugs?

Shag rugs are a familiar sight to almost all of us. These rugs stand out from other rugs in terms of appearance. These carpets often have a pile height of over one inch. The length of the upright loops is referred to as the “pile.” It gives these rugs their distinct shaggy appearance. You have a wide range of possibilities because these rugs are made of cotton, woollen, polyester, microfiber, and heat-set poly materials.

Shaggy Rugs

Benefits of Purchasing Our Shaggy Rugs 

  • The attractiveness and plushness of these rugs made them popular. They are incredibly cosy to sit on or walk on thanks to their softness. These plush rugs can be placed on sofas to improve their appearance and make them appear more cosier.


  • If you have infants or toddlers who are learning to crawl or walk, these rugs are ideal. Babies are kept safe from harm by the shaggy rug’s soft texture.


  • Additionally, these carpets create a cosy and friendly atmosphere in your space. You feel a strong impulse to sit or stand on them as soon as you see this feature.
  • Many millennials are more amenable to giving their homes an updated look at a far lower cost. They can discover quite nice contemporary carpets at our shop that would work perfectly for them. However, if they want to accomplish their desired aesthetic style in a practical manner, shaggy rugs may be the ideal solution.
  • You can spruce up your living area with shag rugs much like the ones shown in any high-end lifestyle publications.
  • Due to their adaptability to any setting, shaggy rugs can also be utilised in your bedroom in addition to your living room.
  • Shag floor rugs are incredibly tough and can typically sustain heavy foot traffic. However, it entirely depends on how you may experiment with various shag rug styles.
  • Wool shag carpets are sustainable and attractive aside from that. These rugs come in a huge selection of sizes, colours, and shapes.
  • The greatest rugs for the winter are shaggy ones. If you already reside in an area with a hard winter season, these carpets might best satisfy your demand for a warm surface. Shag carpets can soften the ground beneath your feet while also warming up the entire room.
Shaggy Rugs

Why Choose Us? 

We focus in items that are both beautifully crafted and best suited to the variety of decors found today. Our goal has always been to give our customers carpets that would transform their living spaces in a beautiful way and bring them daily joy. These are reliable art investments that frequently end up becoming cherished family heirlooms.

We made a decision to pay attention to the crowd as they chanted about the difficulties they were having obtaining good rugs. Thus, customization emerged as a way to consider rug lovers’ desires before creating one.