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Numerous things like rugs, clothing, and comforters feature patchwork. We know Egyptian and early Chinese tombs as the first places to use patchwork. Throughout history, patchwork has been employed, and the design trend is still prevalent today. It’s a technique for combining various design concepts into a single, cohesive whole. Dubai Carpets Shop offers the most premium patchwork rugs for you! 

How are patchwork rugs produced?

Varied patchwork rugs are made using different techniques and materials, but the fundamental steps are the same. A backing is attached to newly made patches or reused from other rugs or carpets

Patchwork Rugs

A different piece of matting that has had its color removed is frequently used for the backing. As a result, patchwork carpets frequently exhibit great levels of resilience. This may be a significant advantage in a busy home. To ensure that patches are secured to the backing in the proper location, the attachment process is frequently finished by hand sewing. The end product is a stunning rug that combines many hues and patterns into one striking whole.

Characteristics of Our Unique Patchwork Rugs 

  • Weave: We hand-knot all of our patchwork carpets. Modern patchwork area rugs have medium and average weave types and knot sizes, with larger knots appearing in more recent pieces. Some carpets appear to have been manufactured; however, it’s less likely that one of these is a recycled rug and more likely a design.
  • Material: Most of our patchwork modern rugs are made of cotton for the foundation and wool for the pile. There is almost any use of silk in these carpets since they have a medium- or lower-quality weave. However, a rug that is individually woven or manufactured to order may differ.
  • Size and form: Modern patchwork rugs are available in most sizes and shapes, just like most other rugs. These rugs come in various shapes: square, rectangular, round, octagonal, and hexagonal.
  • Appearance and Colour: Modern patchwork rugs employ a variety of colors depending on the type of recycled rug and the dye. Pieces of traditional carpets and their accompanying traditional colors can be used to create a patchwork rug. Or it might have a transitional style, like a Chobi rug made from recycled materials. Stripes or trendy geometric shapes can be applied with any color. Another variety of contemporary patchwork is over-dyed. In this instance, a secondary dye frequently predominates a sharp load phosphoric hue.

In a society oriented toward reducing, reusing, and recycling, the patchwork design of modern rugs is distinctive and advantageous to the environment.

Patchwork Rugs

Why Choose Us? 

We at Dubai Carpets Shop are renowned for our creative designs and excellent craftsmanship when producing lovely patchwork rugs. Our rugs are made with distinctive designs that depict customs, ways of life, cultures, and individuals.

Our patchwork rugs have become more well-liked because of their durability, vibrant colors, and opulent textures. They have traditional weaving methods but modern designs that set the